Summit Helicopter's Team


Bikash J B Rana
  • Bikash JB Rana is a versatile and well-known personality in Nepal with 7500 hrs logged to his entire flying career of 20 years as a Helicopter Pilot. Having initiated Summit Helicopters back in 1997, Mr. Rana maintains an efficient pool of experts and professionals to run a vibrant helicopter operation in Nepal. Trained and graduated from the Indian Air Force, Capt. Rana has served Nepal Army as a Pilot and Instructor for over 20 years. A three term President of the Airlines Operator's Association of Nepal (AOAN), Capt. Rana has also been the Board Member of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) for five years. Capt. Rana has played a key role in making helicopter operation a prominent and significant component of Nepalese Tourism Industry. Besides Summit Helicopters, Mr. Rana is also the Chairman of Summit Air and involved in many other fields of business including Insurance and Real Estate. A passionate sportsperson with masterly skills in horse riding, tennis and golf; he is also an admired singer with several songs to his credit.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Suman Pandey
  • Suman Pandey is a renowned personality with thirty years of incessant service in Nepalese Tourism Industry. Notable for his innovative approach and diverse engagements, he is esteemed for his specialization in the Himalayan Adventure. He is accredited for his leadership role in various historical events including the initiation of Everest Skydive in 2008, Kalapatthar Cabinet Meeting of Nepal Government in 2009 and the First Himalayan Travel Mart in 2017. Throughout his service, he has led Nepalese Tourism Industry by undertaking various responsibilities including President of Trekking Agent's Association of Nepal (TAAN) from 2001-2003, Executive Member of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) from 2004-2006, General Secretary of Airline Operator’s Association of Nepal (AOAN) from 2007-2015, Executive Member of Nepal Tourism Year-2011 and Chairman of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) from 2013-2018. In recognition of his contribution and achievement in the field of tourism and Himalayan adventure, he has been awarded with different accolades including prestigious Suprasiddha Gorkha Dakshin Bahu (2004) by Nepal Government; Lifetime Achievement Award by American Biographical Institute (ABI) based in the United States in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2008; "Tourism Man of the Year-2010" and "Lifetime Achievement Award-2017" by Gantabya Nepal; 'Tourism Icon-2018'; and many more.


Deepak Rana

Capt. Deepak JB Rana

Executive Director - Operations

Capt. Deepak JB Rana, the Executive Director and In-charge of Operation as 'Director Operations', has an unlimited passion for Himalayan flying. Quiet a 'down to earth' character, Capt. Rana has extensively performed missions all over the area logging above 7500+ Hrs in his 22 years long career. His friendly nature and service oriented behavior has been much praised by our passengers making them return to Summit Helicopters for their every chopper need. With his long established career and Instructional Rating, he has been playing a directorial role in grooming young Nepalese pilots from beginners to commandqualified stage, and finally making them capable of leading missions in Summit Helicopters.

retd. Col. Capt. Pratigya JB Rana

Pratigya Rana Captain

Trained as a Fixed Wing Pilot initially from Texas, USA, Capt. Pratigya Rana switched to "Rotary Wing Command" of Nepalese Army and achieved qualification from UK’t Oxford Air Training School. Having served in the Army for thirty years, he took voluntary retirement from the post of a Colonel and joined Summit Helicopters. Having logged over 8000 Hrs in different aircrafts run by Nepalese Army, Capt. Rana is known to be an expert for flying Bell 206 Long and Jet Ranger Aircrafts. He is also a qualified pilot for AS 350 B3 series and flown in different weather conditions of Nepalese terrain with certification in high altitude skills.

Capt. Deepak Garbuja Pun

Garbuja Pun Captain

Captain Pun has done his basic training from Australia. After the completion of his basic training, in 1998 he started his professional carrier as a first officer in Karnali Air. Afterward he served his service in various companies like in Air Dynasty as a line Pilot and Flight Safety Director in Mountain Helicopters. He is one of the highly experienced Pilot in high altitude who have already logged more than 7,000 flying hour in Nepalese sky. Currently he is flying with Summit Helicopters in AS 350 series of helicopters and has also flown in BK 117 as well in the past.

Timothy Field

Timothy Field Captain

Captain Timothy Field, a British living in Canada, travelled all the way to Nepal to serve his mountain flying passion. He joined Summit Helicopters two years ago. Capt. Timothy, a highly experienced professional, is a mountain terrain specialist with extensive exploration in drill support, Heli-Ski, Fire suppression, utility operations and high altitude rescue- including Class-D Human Sling mission with additional skill and experience in operation management. With over 10,500 rotary flight hours in remote locations of Australia, Canada, USA and Nepal, Capt. Timothy also has extensive precision in long line time and logged 4,000+ Hrs as a AS350 and AS350 training pilot. He has been actively involved in saving lives through difficult rescue missions including Human Sling Operation and Skydive droppings in Nepal for last two years.

Eric Ridington

Eric Ridington Captain

Captain Eric is a mountain flying specialist with a Canadian mountain and river guiding background. A member of 'Association of Canadian Mountain & Ski Guides', he started as Heli-Ski Guide pursuing his dream to become a pilot. With a record of 6000 Hrs of flying in Alaska, British Columbia, Arctic, Hawaii, USA, Canada and Nepal, he has done most helicopter jobs but learned the trade as a northern bush and mountain pilot. In his flying with Summit Helicopters for last two years, Capt. Eric has performed extensively note-worthy missions including long line-Human and Cargo Sling missions and other aerial works. Loved for his quiet and friendly nature, Capt. Eric is an impressive charter for passengers to continue their journey into Himalayan terrain with trust and confidence!

Capt. Sujal Shrestha

Sujal Shrestha Captain

Trained in Florida, USA, Captain Sujal Shrestha is Company's very dedicated and diligent pilot. He began his flying career with Summit Helicopters and has received subsequent upgradation till date. Known to be a "Product of the House", Captain Shrestha is known for his quiet and humble nature and liked by all. He has already logged 3500 Hrs in his seven years long career and flown extensively in the Himalayan region as a High-Altitude Pilot.

Capt. Sabin Lama

Sabin Lama Captain

Capt. Sabin Lama, who got his training from Manila, Philippines, is a young and emerging pilot. Known for his dedication and energetic character, Capt. Lama has logged 1500+ Hours in his seven years' flying career and working rigorously to perfect as a competent Himalayan Pilot. With his clearance to fly High Altitude, he is already performing missions to different heights in Khumbu and Annapurna Himalayas.

Co-Pilot Prabal Chaulagain

Prabal Chalagain Co-Pilot

A young and enthusiastic professional with a dream to fly in the Sky, Prabal Chaulagain got his training in Manila, Philippines and joined Summit Helicopters as a Co-Pilot. So far, he has done 250 Hrs and undergoing successive trainings along with flight logging to be cleared as a Captain soon. He is also known for his level of enthusiasm and dedication at work.


With a fleet of three helicopters, which includes one AS 350 B3+ "Ecureuil", one AS 350 B3 "Ecureuil" and one Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter, Summit Helicopters is the largest helicopter operator in Nepal. To fly and maintain its technically advanced fleet, Summit Helicopters has appointed a team of skilled engineers and technicians who are highly experienced and have years of proven experience.

Rtd Col. Bishwo K. Gorkhali

Bishwo Gorkhali CAMO Manager

Retd.Col. Bishwa K Gorkhali is also Company's Technical Director. He has more than 30 years of experience on helicopter field maintenance, Aviation Technical Training and Quality Assurance. He had served in the Nepalese Army and took retirement as the Engineering In-charge of VVIP Flight Nepal.

Anil Basnet

Anil Basnet Maintenance Manager

Mr Anil Kumar Basnet is Summit Helicopters Maintenance Manager and responsible for overall maintenance of the fleet. He graduated from Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology India and Obtained Aircraft Maintenance License from FAA, USA. He worked as the Chief Engineer of Karnali Air before joining the Company.

Meghendra Kumar Shrestha

Meghendra Kumar Shrestha Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. MK Shrestha is a QA Manager of the Company. During his 40 years of experience in the Technical Field ranging from National Flag Carrier to private airlines, his attribute to accept challenges as responsibility has made him trust worthy and dependable technician, instructor, maintenance and quality Manager.

Rtd.Col.Gupta Bdr Gurung

Col Gupta Gurung Senior Engineer

Retd.Col. Gupta Bahadur Gurung is Senior Avionics Engineer of the Company. He has served in Nepalese Army for 26 years as Senior Engineer in VVIP Flight Nepal before joining the company.

Prashant Mani Acharya

Prashant Mani Acharya Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Mr Acharya is the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and is responsible for maintenance of the Aircraft. Graduated from Nehru Collage of Aeronautics & applied sciences approved under DGCA India. Mr Acharya is also a holder of Indian Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License (Part 66) on AS 350B3 & has maintenance experience of 9 years. He had worked in India as aircraft maintenance engineer before joining FTA.


Our support team in the Operations, Engineering, IT, Administration, Finance, and Marketing Departments are also very able and experienced. They have been engaged in their line of responsibilities for the past ten or more years and have adequate and expert knowledge of their area. They are friendly, cooperative and helpful in whatever assistance a client may need or require.
In short, Summit Helicopters Pvt. Ltd. can boast of a very well set team which can impart safer, reliable, friendly and cooperative service to clients from all the sectors.
Engineering Department  
Nirajan Pokhrel
Junior Engineer
  Indra Lal BK
  Diwosh Shrestha
Junior Engineer
  Anup Bhakta Joshi
Junior Engineer
Din Kumar Kc
Store Supervisor
  Krishna Shrestha
Senior Technician
  Raja Ram Ngakhusi
Senior Technician
  Raju Kumar Sharma
Senior technican
Rajan Bhujel
Senior Technician
  Bal Krishna Shrestha
Junior Mechanic
  Manila Thapa Magar
Engineering Assistant
  Dipak Phuyal
Jagannath Adhikari
  Rabindra Roka
Store Assistance
  Rajesh Magar
  Jivan Raut
Operation Department  
Binod Thapa
General Manager Operation/Sales

Ramesh Siwakoti
Deputy General Manager Operation/Sales


Rakesh JB Rana
Operation Manager


Santosh Singh Thapa

Operation Assistant Manager


Krishna Deuja

Operation Assistant

  Shakyan Shakya
Operation Assistant
  Finju Dorjee Sherpa
Operation Assistant (Lukla)
IT Department  
Rajiv Shakya
IT Incharge
Finance Department  
Kirti Basnet        
Kriti Bdr. Basnet
Director Finance
  Sabina Shrestha Amatya
General Manager (Finance)
  Nir Shankar Shrestha
Executive Finance Manager
  Dik Bahadhur Khirsina
Account Officer
Sundar Shakya
Account Officer
Admin Department  
Salina Shrestha   Niru Lama      

Salina Shrestha
Executive Officer

  Niru Lama
  Ganesh Jakibanjar
  Raj Kumar Shrestha
Rekha Thapa Magar
  Hari Gole Tamang
  Sancha Maya Lama
  Kanchi Maiya Goshai
Sumitra Bista      
Krishna Kumari Sithiku
  Elina Majhi
  Shyang Bujhe Karki
Helper (Lukla)